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iXL Premium Grease – NLGI Grade #1

One Tube. One Hundred Uses.

NLGI #1 iXL Grease is an easily pumpable GC-LB rated workhorse that is ideal for all heavy industry, trucking, and mining applications. It is the only all purpose #1 grease formulated with iXL Technologies™ to respond like a specialty grease in multiple performance categories.

  • Extreme Heat – Natural tackiness gives a dropping point of +550F without glues. (ASTM D2265)
  • Extreme Pressure – 4 Ball weld test of 800+ kgf, without the typical EP compromise of corrosiveness. (ASTM D-2596)
  • Water Resistance – Water washout of < 3.0% without glues or tactifiers. (ASTM D-1264)
  • Non-Corrosive – Highest possible copper strip rating – 1A – because there are no heavy metals. (ASTM D-4048)
  • Long Lasting – Extends greasing intervals, so you use less grease.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Premium performance without compromise. iXL Grease is formulated without 313 toxins or heavy metals.
iXL Grease NLGI #1

iXL Premium Grease – NLGI Grade #2

iXL Grease NLGI #2

Performance Without Compromise

A thicker version of our calcium sulfonate grease, the NLGI #2 Grade is ideal for situations where water washout is important, or anywhere a thicker grease is needed. iXL Grease is the only premium multi-purpose grease formulated with iXL Technologies™ to reach or exceed the performance characteristics of single-purpose specialty greases.

  • Extreme Heat – A true dropping point of +570F without adding glues. (ASTM D2265)
  • Extreme Pressure – 800 kgf 4 Ball weld test, without heavy metals like zinc or molybdenum. (ASTM D-2596)
  • Water Resistance – Marine grade water washout rating, < 2.75%. (ASTM D-1264)
  • Non-Corrosive – 1A rated – highest possible copper strip rating. (ASTM D-4048)
  • Long Lasting – Proprietary formulation prevents grease sloughing.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Outstanding protection without heavy metals or 313 toxins found in other greases.

Watch iXL Grease In Action

High Heat Applications

iXL Premium Grease is the only grease in the world with iXL Technology™ which allows the grease to pull into the steal in high heat scenarios, rather than separate and slough.

Extreme Pressure Applications

Under extreme pressure, most greases will fail. iXL Premium Grease is the only grease in the world with iXL Technology™ to pull into the steal under such extreme conditions.

Eco Friendly Greases — Part Of The iXL ECO Line

iXL Grease Meats iXL Eco Standards

Natural Thickener

iXL Premium Greases use a natural calcium sulfonate as a thickener. Calcium sulfonate is a form or crushed limestone and has been used for lubrication since the Romans. Calcium Sulfonate is also naturally tacky, eliminating the need for glues or added tactifiers.

No 313 Toxins or Heavy Metals

Thanks to the iXL Technologies™ active in the calcium sulfonate grease, iXL Premium Grease doesn’t need heavy metals in order to provide outstanding extreme pressure, as most greases do.

Low Water Washout

Even when working partially or fully submerged, iXL Premium Greases provide outstanding lubrication. Independent DSTM testing shows that iXL #2 Grease has a < 2.75% water washout rate.

Extended Greasing Intervals

iXL Premium Greases have be seen to extend greasing intervals by up to 70% in certain applications. Because iXL Grease resists sloughing, you use less grease, lightening the carbon impact of your regular maintenance.

iXL Grease In Mines