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AG-100 – Aerosol Grease

iXL AG-100 Aerosol Grease

A Grease Tube In A Can

AG-100 is a scientifically advanced multi-purpose calcium sulfonate grease, formulated with IXL Technologies™. iXL AG-100 Aerosol Grease is “a grease tube in a can.” It applies like an aerosol, and sets like iXL Premium Grease, so it’s 100% effective, 100% of the time.

  • Premium Grease – An aerosol grease that delivers EP, High Heat, and Water Washout properties that rival tube greases.
  • Easy to Use – Sprays up to 6 feet for easy application in hard to reach and dangerous places.
  • Long Lasting – Contains iXL’s full formula grease which won’t dissipate or separate.
  • No Heavy Metals – Unique formulation means no zinc, no molybdenum, or 313 toxins.
  • Resists Elements – Excellent resistance to water, oxidation, and corrosion.

The Set Test – Lithium Greases Can’t Compare

Most aerosol greases are heavily reformulated when they are aerosolized. iXL AG-100 is a full formula premium grease that sets like a normal grease. Unlike Lithium Greases that are formulated to dissipate, iXL AG-100 provides:


Spectacular Mechanical Stability


High Load Bearing Capacity


Excellent Resistance To Water, Oxidation and Corrosion

iXL Aerosol Grease Thickens With Air
A Spray Grease That Stands Up