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iXL Premium Greases

iXL Premium Greases hold a unique position in the field as they are the only multipurpose greases to meet or exceed ASTM operating specs normally found in single-use speciality greases, and contain no heavy metals, zinc, molybdenum, or 313 toxins.

Thanks to iXL Technologies™, its true dropping point surpasses high heat greases, without added tackifiers. Its EP rating exceeds other EP greases without being corrosive. It has one of the highest water washout ratings for a multi-purpose grease, while having no added glues. iXL Premium Grease is the only grease with iXL Technologies™ that will not seperate due to heat or pressure.

iXL Premium Greases dramatically extend greasing intervals while providing the gold standard in protection and performance. With iXL Premium Grease you get all of the protection without any of the compromise.

iXL Premium Greases in Mining
iXL NLGI Grade 1 Premium Grease

iXL Premium Grease – NLGI #1

NLGI #1 iXL Premium Grease is an easily pumpable GC-LB rated workhorse that is ideal for all heavy industry, trucking, and mining applications.

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iXL NLGI Grade 2 Premium Grease

iXL Premium Grease – NLGI #2

A thicker version of our #1 iXL Premium Grease, the NLGI #2 Grade is ideal for situations where water washout is important, or anywhere a thicker grease is needed.

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iXL Spray Grease

iXL AG-100 – Aerosol Grease

The iXL AG-100 Aerosol Grease is “a grease tube in a can.” It sprays like an aerosol but sets like NLGI #2 iXL Premium Grease. Use it in any hard to reach application.

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iXL Premium Greases Withstand Heat