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Regen Fix — Premium Diesel Treatment

Fixing Regen Before It Happens

iXL REGEN FIX is the only diesel treatment with iXL Technologies™ designed to fix regeneration problems at the point of combustion, in trucks with EGR & SCR systems.

REGEN FIX allows fuel to burn more efficiently to significantly reduce the byproducts of recirculated exhaust (soot, particulate matter, etc) that build up on DPF filters.

REGEN FIX converts more fuel into energy, recovers lost fuel economy, reduces emissions, lowers DEF consumption, takes the strain off of EGR & SCR emissions systems and extends the life of injectors, sensors, valves and filters.

Super-Concentrated Formula. Single-Use Bottles.

Thanks to the proprietary iXL Technologies™ used to formulate iXL Regen Fix, each premium diesel treatment has a treat ratio that exceeds bottles twice their size. Because the Regen Fix formula is so concentrated, we are able to offer treatment sizes in convenient, compact bottles.

60 Gallon Treat

The 60 Gallon single shot is specifically sized for smaller diesel vehicles and engines. A quick, convenient way to treat your diesel fuel.

Regen Fix 60 Gal Treat

100 Gallon Treat

The most popular size, the 100 Gallon Treat is the easiest way to treat a larger sized fuel tank. Just use one bottle every time you fuel.

Regen Fix 100 Gal Treat

200 Gallon Treat

The Twin Pack is the perfect solution for over-the-road trucks with two tanks. Add one bottle to each tank to fix regeneration problems.

Regen Fix 200 Gal Treat

The Only Diesel Treatment Designed To Preempt Severe Regeneration

The ONLY single-use, premium diesel treatment with iXL Technologies™ designed to dramatically extend EGR regen intervals, as well as:


Significantly reduces DPF filter build up


Reduces DEF consumption up to 10-20%


Improves fuel economy


Lubricates and protects injectors and top ends


Cetane boost for optimal performance


Corrosion inhibitors prevent unnatural wear


Concentrated formula. One bottle treats 1 tank.

How iXL Regen Fix Solves Severe EGR & SCR Regen Problems

Proprietary iXL Technologies™ in iXL Regen Fix Diesel Treatment safely raise the flash point of diesel fuel, allowing it to:


Burn diesel fuel more efficiently


Leave less unburnt fuel for recirculation


Decrease byproducts of combustion (soot, ash, etc)


Convert diesel fuel to energy more efficiently


Increase fuel economy


Reduce emissions and DEF usage


Prevent strain on engine and emissions systems

Positive Impact On Emissions — Part Of The iXL ECO Line

Increase Efficiency

Less unburnt fuel means less exhaust to be recirculated by EGR systems.

Reduced Particulate Matter

Cleaner burning fuel reduces particulate matter before it has a chance to reach DPF filters.

Reduces Regen-Based Fuel Waste

Preventing severe regen preempts the 7th injector from activating and wasting fuel to clean DPF filter.

Extends Equipment Life

Incinerating soot before the EGR system prevents: injector & sensor failures, and valve damage.

Going Beyond Regen — A Premium Diesel Treatment For Every Diesel Engine

In addition to the proprietary iXL Technologies which address incomplete combustion, iXL REGEN FIX Diesel Treatment also includes a concentrated formulation of Diesel Fuel Enhancers, including:

Lubricity Improvers

Lubricity improvers to counteract Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel


Detergents cleanse the entire fuel system

Cetane Boosters

Cetane Boosters to optimize combustion

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors protect your engine from rust

Water Disbursement agents

Water Disbursement agents help prevent condensation in fuel

Algae growth inhibitors

Algae growth inhibitors prevent algae from growing