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Regen Fix + Anti-Gel — Premium Diesel Treatment

Prevents Gelling, Fixes Regen &
Improves Operating Costs In
Sub-Zero Temperatures

iXL REGEN FIX + ANTI-GEL is a Premium Diesel Treatment that treats regeneration problems AND prevents diesel fuel gelling down to -30˚F & below.

It’s concentrated formula delivers a unique combination of cold flow improvers, lubricators and other iXL Technologies™, to protect your rig in temperatures well below freezing.

The REGEN FIX + ANTI-GEL is a proprietary winter formulation specifically designed to protect diesel engines—old and new—filters, and injectors in unusually cold environments.

No Mess, Single-Shot Bottles

The iXL Regen Fix + Anti-Gel formula is super concentrated, combining a unique and proprietary blend of iXL Technologies™. Because it is so concentrated, we are able to provide full-tank treatment options in small, convenient, single-use bottles. No measuring. No Guessing. Just open, treat, and go.

60 Gallon Treat

Perfect for smaller rigs, the 60 Gallon Treat is designed for smaller trucks that don’t see much of the open road.

Anti-Gel 60 Gallon Treat

100 Gallon Treat

The easiest way to prevent gelling for up to 100 Gallons of diesel fuel, the 100 Gallon Treat gets it done.

Anti-Gel 100 Gallon Treat

200 Gallon Treat

Designed as a simpler way to treat two 100 gallon tanks, the Twin Pack is a long-haul trucks best friend.

Anti-Gel 200 Gallon Treat

Gelling Protection Proven In The Bakken & Alaska

Independant third party testing confirmed what user-testing had already proven: Even in the harshest environments, iXL REGEN FIX + ANTI-GEL prevents gelling below -30˚F.


Prevents Diesel Fuel Gelling to -30˚F


Works With #1 And #2 Diesel Fuels


Can Be Added To All Winter Fuel Blends


Reduces Need For #1 Winter Diesel


Cold Flow Improver For Longer Filter Life


Concentrated formula. One bottle treats 1 tank.

The Only Anti-Gel Treatment That Also Fixes Regen Problems

In addition to keeping your rig running all winter long, iXL REGEN FIX + ANTI-GEL also reduces buildup on DPF Filters, extends regen intervals, and reduces DEF usage.


Cure lower sulfer diesel issues


Extend regen intervals


Decrease DPF buildup


Reduce DEF usage


Lubricate injectors


Prolong part life


Reduce emissions


Restore lost economy

More Ways iXL Regen Fix + Anti-Gel Keeps You Running Well In Winter

In addition to preventing gelling down to an arctic -30˚F & below, and fixing costly and unnecessary regeneration in EGR & SCR systems, iXL Regen Fix + Anti-Gel is also formulated to treat your system as a Premium Diesel Treatment. Can your old Anti-Gel do that?

Lubricity Improvers

Lubricity improvers to counteract Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel


Detergents cleanse the entire fuel system

Cetane Boosters

Cetane Boosters to optimize combustion

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors protect your engine from rust

Water Disbursement agents

Water Disbursement agents help prevent condensation in fuel

Algae growth inhibitors

Algae growth inhibitors prevent algae from growing