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iXL Fuel Treatments

iXL Fuel Treatments are effective, efficient, and easy to use. Unique formulations combine proprietary iXL Technologies™ in super-concentrated applications so each bottle of iXL Fuel Treatment treats more fuel with less.

Proven in the harshest environments, from the scorching oil fields of Texas to the freezing stretches of the Bakken, iXL Fuel Treatments are the Heavy Industry’s #1 Choice for solving EGR and SCR regeneration problems.

Along with iXL Premium Greases and the iXL Big Rig Line, iXL Fuel Treatments form a comprehensive front-to-rear shield against heat, wear, pressure, and the elements.

iXL Fuel Treatments

No Mess. No Fuss.

In a continuing effort to maximize efficiency and to better serve our customers, iXL Fuel Treatments are designed for single-use applications. There’s nothing to be measured. No open bottles left to leak in your cab. Choose the right dosage size, and you’re already set.

60 Gallon Treat

This “one-shot” is specifically sized for trucks and heavy equipment that return to the local truck-yard each night. The super concentrated 60 Gallon Treatment size is an easy to use, single-shot bottle that treats an entire tank.

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100 Gallon Treat

The 100 Gallon Treatment is sized to easily treat a single Big Rig fuel tank. Simply add one bottle of Regen Fix to your tank every time you fill-up and fix regen problems, recover lost fuel economy, reduce DEF consumption, and more.

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200 Gallon Treat

The “Twin Pack” 200 Gallon Treatment is the ideal solution for the long haul driver. This value pack has enough super concentrated Regen Fix to treat both tanks without requiring the driver to measure a single drop.

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iXL Fuel Treatments - Regen Fix

iXL Regen Fix Premium Diesel Treatment

The only diesel treatments with iXL Technology™ to fix regen issues in EGR & SCR systems. Regen Fix allows fuel to burn more efficiently to reduce the build up on DPF filters (soot, particulate matter, etc). Regen Fix converts more fuel into energy, recovers lost fuel economy, reduces emissions, lowers DEF consumption, and extends the life of injectors, sensors, valves and DPF filters, in all types of diesel engines.

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iXL Fuel Treatments - Regen Fix + Anti-Gel

iXL Regen Fix + Anti-Gel Diesel Treatment

iXL Regen Fix + Anti-Gel is a proprietary winter formulation specifically designed for extreme cold temperatures. In addition to fixing regen issues, the Regen Fix + Anti-Gel prevents diesel gelling down to -30F below and delivers a unique combination of cold flow improvers, lubricators and other iXL Technologies™ to protect engines, DPFs, injectors and batteries in unusually cold environments. It is effective for all diesel engines—old and new.

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iXL Fuel Treatments In Winter