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iXL Hub Oil — 80w-90

iXL Hub Oil

A New Revolution For Hubs

iXL Big Rig Hub Oil blends iXL Technologies™ with a performance grade 80w90 oil, so there’s no mess and no measuring when lubricating hubs.

It’s scientifically designed to withstand the high heat and extreme pressure put on commercial grade hubs. It increases seal and bearing life while dramatically reducing operating temperatures to protect moving parts, even if a seal blows or oil level runs low.

iXL Hub Oil works with all makes of steering axles and trailer hubs and uses no heavy metals like molybdenum or zinc.

Protection From High Heat & Pressure

Scientifically designed for high heat and extreme pressure, iXL Big Rig Hub Oil is the only hub-specific oil sheer blended with iXl Technology™ to:


Increase seal and bearing life


Dramatically drop operating temperatures


Protect moving parts even with blown seal or low oil


Works with all makes of steering axles and trailer hubs

iXL 80w/90 Hub Oil
iXL Hub Oil For Heavy Trucking