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iXL Finished Oils

iXL Finished Oils represent a cutting-edge union between performance and simplicity. Now it is possible to treat machinery directly with iXL Technologies™, because that technology is sheer blended directly into performance oils.

iXL Finished Oils
iXL Finished Oil For Hubs

iXL Hub Oil — 80w-90

iXL Big Rig Hub Oil is scientifically designed to withstand the high heat and extreme pressure put on commercial grade hubs. iXL Hub Oil increases seal and bearing life, while reducing operating temperatures, without using heavy metals, to protect your hubs without compromise.

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In Development

The R&D department at iXL Technologies, LLC is currently pursuing development of several new Advanced Lubricants. Each new lubricant is designed to solve a specific problem in a number of industries, from Oil & Gas to Racing, in our pursuit of continued excellence in every product category.

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iXL Performance Finished Oils