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iXL Big Rig Hydraulic Treatment

iXL Hydraulic Treatment

Keeps Hydraulic Systems Cool

iXL Big Rig Hydraulic Treatment dramatically lowers hydraulic pump operating temperatures, and extends the life of hoses, rams, cylinders and pumps. iXL Hydraulic Treatment is the only hydraulic system treatment with iXL Technologies™ that increase the lubricity and thermal stability of hydraulic oil. As a hydraulic additive, it is effective in all heavy duty hydraulic systems and has been tested around the globe in the harshest commercial applications.

Protection From High Heat & Pressure

The only hydraulic treatment formulated iXL Technologies™, Heavy Industry's #1 choice for premium protection from heat and pressure.


Dramatically lowers hydraulic pump operating temperatures in the most severe conditions


Increase the life of hoses, Rams, cylinders, and pumps


Adds lubricity and thermal stability to all types of hydraulic oils


Compatible with all tractor fluid systems


Reduces noise levels from machine operation


Prevents pumps from burning up due to failure to disengage the P.T.O during transit (side dumps and transport trailer applications)

iXL Treatment For Hydraulic Systems
iXL Hydraulic Additive