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iXL Lubricants

Advanced Technology + Ease Of Use

iXL Lubricants are the most effective, powerful, and intuitive lubricants in the world because they are the only lubricants developed with iXL Technologies™.

Each Advanced lubricant is painstakingly designed to resolve the worst problems being faced in heavy industry, and developed to out perform and out protect in every category.

iXL Advanced Lubricants have been proven across the globe in the harshest environments in mining, oil & gas, excavation, and more.

iXL Lubricants For Shops
iXL Lubricants Presents iXL Gold

iXL Gold Lubricant

iXL Gold Lubricant is uniquely formulated with iXL Technologies™ to loosen, free, and lubricate stuck, gummed, or seized parts without corroding metal surfaces. And one can will last up to 10 times longer than pen lubes, chain lubes, and water dispersers.

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Advanced Lubricants In Development

The R&D department at iXL Technologies, LLC is currently pursuing development of several new Advanced Lubricants. Each new lubricant is designed to solve a specific problem in a number of industries, from Oil & Gas to Racing, in our pursuit of continued excellence in every product category.

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iXL Advanced Lubricants